Yönetim Kadrosu

Also, you can’t feel the rings. Fry! Shut up and look at this! May cause super powers in humans. Wow! A super-powers drug you can just rub into your skin? You’d think you’d have to freebase it. Let’s see, which powers do we have? Super strength? Yes, sir. Ability to command the loyalty of sea creatures. Hey, Zoidberg, get in here! Screw you! Ain’t got that. Wow! Super powers! twice as many humdrum activities. Leela, I think you’re missing the big picture. When you were a kid, what was your biggest fantasy? To have parents.

I was curious about the guards. Grunka Lunka dunkity darned guards- I could fire my staff and hire Grunka Lunkas at half the cost? That’s right. They don’t have a good union. They’re like slaves. What are you doing? I’m thirsty. Grab my feet and dunk my head in. No. That’s moronic. Fine. I’ll swim around and drink as much as I want. Help! I can’t swim! Why did you jump in? Everybody was doing it. I just wanted to be popular. Where are we? And why is Slurm pouring into this sewer? This isn’t Slurm.

So what? I mean, sure, it looks cool, and it makes me smart. But it doesn’t make me happy. That’s so sad. I didn’t even know monkeys could cry. They can’t. It’s all the hat! If you’re so miserable, maybe you should go back to the jungle. The jungle. I couldn’t do that to the professor. I’m his prize experiment. He’s like a father. He’s not your father. That guy in the punch bowl was your father. Look at him. I’m so proud. Thanks, professor. Oh, I always feared he might run off like this.

Lars makes me puke WhiIe we were huddIed in fear Lars popped the question Congratulations! May stars in heaven bless your love! I think I’m gonna cry an extra happy Xmas this year Now could things get any worse? Stop screaming. That’s just what the bomb wants us to do. Don’t worry, a bomb in a case is just like a head in a jar. Oh, Lars, not blowing us up makes me love you even more. Lifesaving goody-goody. Well, now that death has been staved off momentarily, let me be the first to say congratulations, Leela and Lars.

A reunion at your old orphanarium? You gonna go? No way, Jose-bot. I never want to see those orphans again. Not after the way they used to pick on me. One-eye! One-eye! One-eye! Nice depth perception, One-eye. How can you make fun of me? You’re blind. My eyes may not work, That’s terrible, Leela. Imagine the look on their faces when we eat all the hors d’oeuvres. Well, I wouldn’t mind rubbing my success in a few faces. Set a course for adventure! Gosh, the bars on the windows seemed so much thicker back then.

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