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Tour de France 2017 Başlıyor

20 Nisan 2017
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Tour de France 2017 Başlıyor

Back, you lunatic! Sign my ass! FARNSWORTH. Emergency! Emergency! Everyone to the calamitorium! Can I wipe it off first? No time, woman! No time! Hmm. Smells like angel dust. That’s a discontinuous electromagnetic field. Wernstrom tried to warn me, but I was too damn stubborn! Hermes, get Wernstrom on the line so I can apologize. Ogden Wernstrom speaking. Tell him I’m not here! Professor! Oh, very well. Wernstrom, I’ve been a vainglorious fool! If you can find it in your heart to forgive me, your tiny little heart, would you consider a scientific collaboration? Sir, I’d be honored.

Dear Lord, a coaster! The Femmzoil must be sashaying girlishly into your processor. Then change me back. My breasts are keeping me awake at night anyway. A guest spot on Late Night With Humorbot 5. 0? I’d love to! My own limo? No, I don’t have my own limo. You’d better send one. I need a rain check on that nad swap, professor. I’m going on TV. Come on, Fry. Help me pick out a pantsuit. So, Calculon, do you want to set up this clip from All My Circuits? No, I think it’s self-explanatory.

Bigfoot populations require vast amounts of land to remain elusive in. They typically dwelljust behind rocks, but are also sometimes playful… bounding into thick fogs and out-of-focus areas. Exercycle For Sale. And could you put Top Qualityin bold? You can’t? Okay, whatever. Remember, it’s up to us. Bigfoot is a crucial part. for future generations to enjoy, unless he doesn’t exist. The end! All right, questions? Yeah.

I’m not a rat, I swear. If I’m any rodent, it’s the loyal capybara, king of the rats! No, wait. This just in, we are about to get our asses blown off. Labarbara? That’s right, Linda. Stay strong, ladies. We can lose them in the giant miniature golf course. But the course isn’t finished. And there’s no girls allowed. Fore! So, they want to play mini golf, eh? Two can play at that game. Or even four, depending on the number of ball colors available. I choose pink. That’s their color, sir.

Hello. Anybody home? The royal bottle is empty. You drank our emperor. No! It wasn’t me! You drank our emperor. You assassinated him. He looked so cool and refreshing. I am sure he was. But now he’s gone and your fate is sealed. All hail the new emperor. After I specifically asked you not to touch anything… you drank strange blue liquid? It could’ve been poisonous. Chances were equally good it was an emperor. I am Merg, the high priest. If I might interject?

Let’s go get drunk! Welcome to the world of tomorrow! Why would a robot need to drink? I don’t need to. I can quit any time I want.

Stay and teach us how to be cool. Okay, but I’ll need ten kegs of beer, a continuous Louie, Louie tape… and a regulation two-story panty-raid ladder. I tell you, being here really takes Step right up! Who wants to learn physics? Keep your hands inside the car Good old Coney Island College. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you don’t seem educated. Read it and weep. I’m a certified college dropout. Everyone knows 20th-century colleges were really expensive daycare centers. True.

I was really having fun. I’m sorry, but it is. If we’re not seeing each other, can I get another date for Valentine’s Day? Unless it would make you feel bad. Hey, I can get a date too. I can attract all sorts of women. With my body, I think you’ll only attract one sort of woman. So, how’s business? Are you familiar with my friend Al Gore? Losers get really desperate around Valentine’s Day. Yeah, it’s pathetic, all right. Five hundred bucks. Done. Brannigan okay? Six hundred. Leela? Can I talk to you for a minute in private? No problem.


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