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Salcano Kapadokya Bisiklet Festivali 9-13 Eylül 2017

20 Nisan 2017
6.463 kez görüntülendi
Salcano Kapadokya Bisiklet Festivali 9-13 Eylül 2017

So she’s falling for Flexo, eh? I’d better seduce her a little more just to be sure. to my trailer. I’ll walk you out. A true gentleman tends to his date’s every need. Tiparillo? Here you are, my lad. Bring the lady’s car around in the finest way possible. He’s flashing his cash again. How many times is that? Three! That’s the necessary number of times. That scab’s gonna have an on-the-job accident. Don-bot, I don’t think we should rely on an accident happening. Let’s kill him ourselves.

The poop eradication is but one aspect of your importance. Indeed… and I have other amazing powers as well. Are you my mommy? Welcome, Lord Nibbler. Welcome acknowledged. I bring with me The Mighty One. At last, our centuries upon centuries of waiting have achieved fruition. Aren’t you a fuzzy little guy? Stop that! Please, Your Mightiness. Mightiness? Are you off your nut? I got kidnapped by a bunch of guinea pigs. Does he not know? He does not know. He knows not? Knows not does he.

How long have you been at it? 700 years. We’ve not yet examined one ten-millionth of the sky. We will find the Almighty, even if it takes to the end of time. And then what? Then we utter unto him a short prayer. an amplifying transmitter. Like a giant karaoke machine? Not really. Want to see our giant karaoke machine? Not really. Finding God, that’s important… but it might be a treat if you let me use the telescope to find my friend. I don’t know what to say, other than absolutely not! Your loss is tragic, but our work.

Come on! Come on! Kill me already! You are dead. Thanks for using Stop and Drop. America’s favorite suicide booth since 2008.

That’s all we know. not to overload it. Each pillow weighs 150 Ibs. here. Don’t get your panties in a knot. No way. You disobeyed an order… so now you have to hand-deliver I have a serious question. Does the company that made your bra do girdles? I ask because a friend. Just get to work! I’m Leela. Get to work. I agree. The point is, it’s just so humiliating working for him. Once he actually ordered me to… shave his armpits while he was in the tub. So I.

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Now get back to work, you turkeys. Planet Express is still in business. We’ve got crap loads of quote-unquote merchandise to deliver. Ship them out, Your Highness. Finally, some respect. I feel a little better. Those marvelous scammers sure scammed us, huh? How can you just sit there kissing the aliens’ butt flaps? Don’t you realize you are totally under their control? Of course I realize it. Does that mean I can’t enjoy it? Boy, were we suckers. Greetings, earthlings. Oh, hooray. It’s handsome Lars and his fabulous jars.

Why did you come to Earth? I don’t ask myself that. Enus! I want that toilet so clean I could eat off it. Because I intend to. Gadzooks, sarge. It’s my grandfather, Enus. Now, prepare my lunch and place it in the latrine at 1200 hours. That jeep’s gonna hit him, and I won’t exist anymore! You almost got yourself run over. Then I am lucky you knocked me onto this pile of rusty bayonets. Stop interfering with history. I don’t want to have to memorize new kings. I had no choice. I was about to not exist.

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